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The Marketoonist

Many of you reading this may already be familiar with The Marketoonist, a series of brilliant marketing insights convey via short (and very funny) cartoons.

If you're not, you're in for a treat.

Tom Fishburne is a recovering marketer who spent time working with several big brands before deciding to focus on his custom cartoon studio full-time.

He does an exceptional job of regularly highlighting some of the more ridiculous things that happen too often in too many of today's marketing departments, and forces us to think about the silly behaviours he skewers with his comic strips.

I won't share any of his cartoons here, but only because doing so properly would require me to license them. And since I don't make any money from this blog, that's a difficult expense to justify to my Chief Financial Officer (a.k.a. myself), who can be one stingy son-of-a-bitch.

But Tom's cartoons are all available to view on his website, and if you're a marketer with some time today for a few great laughs, I'd highly encourage you to check them out.

What I will share here is this great video, which was produced and shared by Marketing Week, that has Tom choose 20 cartoons from the past 20 years of his work and walk us through the thinking behind each one. It's a fun watch, and worth the ten and a half minutes.

Congratulations Tom Fishburne on 20 years of The Marketoonist, and here's to the next 20 years of skewering all the stupid things our industry says and does.


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