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The Result of Ridiculous Rules

A man living in California owned a boat, which he kept on his property when not in use.

This did not please local government officials, who told the man he was required to build a six-foot fence to hide the boat from view.

No reason was reported for the requirement, it was just something that had to be done.

So the man complied with the rule and built a six-foot fence.

Then he hired a local artist to paint it.

A photo of a boat behind a fence that's painted as if the fence were not there.

People will usually find a way around ridiculous rules that don't serve an obvious purpose.

(Like the need to hide your boat from view as it rests on a property you own, for instance.)

This is especially true for businesses with ridiculous rules that negatively impact customers.

Why not simply eliminate those ridiculous rules yourself and save people the trouble?


P.S. Sometimes I use AI to generate images for my posts, but this is not one of those times: this is a true story.


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