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"Well, back to work..."

According to some reports, Elon Musk may now be the world's richest person, having surpassed even Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos.

When Musk learned about this on Twitter, he tweeted, "How strange".

And then, almost immediately after,

"Well, back to work..."

Last year in my inaugural dpThoughts, I shared an article from The New York Times that suggested not only do the rich not stop working, but they also tend to work longer hours and spend less time socializing than the rest of us. In that article, the author wrote that Elon Musk (who was worth a measly $23 billion at the time) considered it a victory, "that he dialed back his 'bonkers' 120-hour workweeks to a more 'manageable' 80 or 90."

The most successful among us aren't in it for the money.

- dp


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