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A Tale of Two Cereal Promos

It was the best of promos...

One cereal brand, targeted at children (but likely enjoyed by people of all ages), recently decided to offer an on-pack promotion: a free Team Canada t-shirt with every box of cereal purchased.

Why a Team Canada t-shirt? The manufacturer was an official supporter of the Canadian Olympic team. The t-shirts were available in one youth size and various adult sizes, so the promotion could benefit both the parents who would buy the cereal and the kids who would eat it.

The back of the cereal box featured pictures of the bright red t-shirts (in both of Canada's official languages), photos of various Team Canada athletes, and simple instructions (in both official languages) on how to redeem the offer. It was an attractive, visually pleasing panel to review as you were eating your breakfast.

Redemption was simple and took me less than five minutes from start to finish. Printed on the inside of the box were a website address and a unique redemption code; a consumer only had to visit the website, enter the unique code, choose the desired language and size, and provide a mailing address. And that was it. I clicked submit and was sent an email confirmation informing me my shirt would arrive within 8-10 weeks.

I don't have any data to know whether or not the promotion was a success. What I do know is that you needed to purchase a box of cereal to get a t-shirt, the fine print on the inside of the box indicates only 100,000 t-shirts were available, the offer was "good while supplies last or until October 31st, 2020", and I just tried to redeem a t-shirt code on the website... which now features a message stating, "Sorry This Promotion has Ended."

Don't feel bad for me: I had already redeemed four t-shirts. We eat a lot of cereal in my house.

It was the worst of promos...

Another cereal brand, targeted at children, also recently decided to offer a promotion: a $5 p