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ADdicted: Joy is Made

"David, it's just mid-November... and you're featuring ANOTHER holiday ad?"

Yes, yes I am.

But in fairness, when it's one as good as Amazon's 2022 Holiday spot, how could I not?

(Watch it before you read the rest of this post.)

We can only guess why the girl is so attached to her snow globe, but it's clear that she is.

We can also only guess what it was that gave Dad the idea to do what he did.

But we don't need to guess how Dad was able to make the magic happen: he had some help from his friendly neighbours... and a little help from Amazon.

Dad is the hero of this ad, not Amazon.

But the role Amazon plays is very clear, as is the message that Amazon can help you be a hero to your family this holiday season too.

Maybe it's because I'm a Dad myself, but I've watched this ad four times while writing this post, and couldn't stop myself from smiling at the end of it every single time.

The look of a logo at the end of a spot has never felt so appropriate to me.


P.S. Fun fact: this ad was directed by Academy Award-winning director Taika Waititi, whom you might know from "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Thor: Love and Thunder" if you're a Marvel fan, or from the wonderful "JoJo Rabbit" (for which he won a"Best Adapted Screenplay" Oscar) if you are not. Waititi is certainly on a roll this year when it comes to directing ads: the other one he directed recently is a Belevedere Vodka spot starring Bond-actor Daniel Craig.


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