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ADdicted: Now You

Just Do It. Think Different. Open Happiness.

Each of these iconic slogans perfectly captures the reason their associated brands exist.

Nike is for athletes (and those who aspire to be them) who strive to be their very best. And the company wants you to "Just do it".

Apple, a brand for the rebellious non-conformists, is challenging you to "Think Different."

Coca-Cola wants you to open much more than a bottle of fizzy sugar water. They want you to "Open Happiness."

These slogans are clear. They're distinctive. They're relevant.

They're perfect.

And with their latest, stunning advertisement, MasterClass might have just added one more to the list of perfectly crafted brand slogans: Now You.

I've never tried to make pasta, but I now believe that with Gordon Ramsey's help, I can do it.

I've only tried acting a few times, but I now believe I can get better by following the legendary Helen Mirren's advice. Also, having Ron Howard and Martin Scorcese (both of whom are in the crowd with Mirren if you look carefully) provide direction sure wouldn't hurt.

I've never attempted a flying somersault, but Simone Biles makes me want to... okay, fine, there are limits to what this ad can inspire me to do at my age and with my body type.


This MasterClass ad perfectly conveys the reason that MasterClass exists, and why you should want to subscribe to the service.

Their roster of experts might say, "Watch me" as they explain how they do the things they do, and then when it's your turn to give it a try, you can imagine them turn to you and say, "Now You."

It's engaging.

It's inspirational.

It's perfect.

And if you want to learn how to create a perfect slogan and a perfect ad for your brand...

MasterClass happens to offer a class on advertising too.


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