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ADdicted: Rogers says Do Your Thing

Most Canadian telecommunication ads leave a lot to be desired.

But the Rogers Do Your Thing ad is damn near perfect.

Actor John Krasinski dancing on a boat.

The first five seconds predictably describe the feature being advertised: "Rogers has the largest and most reliable 5G network in Canada."


But wait! To accompany the narrator's voice, the ad wisely chooses to show a close-up of well-loved actor John Krasinski.

What's John Krasinski doing in a Rogers ad?!? Curiosity piqued? Check!

The rest of the ad focuses on the benefit of that large, reliable network... in a very fun way.

Beloved celebrity? Check.

Catchy music? Check.

Humorous scenario? Check.

Ending on a well-phrased benefit ("We do our thing so you can do yours")? Check!!

Yes, "Dance like nobody is watching" is tired and cliched... but this ad makes it work.

So why do I say this is a "damn near" perfect ad?

Because this is one of those ads that I'd like to see go beyond an ad!

Would it have been difficult to add a URL, QR code and call to action at the end of the spot inviting viewers to get in on the fun?

Telecom giant Rogers is already a sponsor of Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" in Vancouver...

So why not have a contest inviting fans to record themselves dancing to a Taylor Swift track?

Videos could be posted on social media and tagged with #Rogers #DoYourThing.

And the best dance video (as chosen by Krasinski, if you wanted to really swing for the fences) would win an all-expenses paid trip to Vancouver and VIP tickets to Swift's show.

At the very least, I'm hoping this isn't just a one-off spot...

... because how fun would it be if this ad was the start of a long-running campaign featuring Krasinski dancing "by himself" at the sites of various Canadian landmarks?

Dancing next to a lonely lighthouse in Prince Edward Island!

Dancing in a harness (a la Edgewalk) at the top of the CN tower!

Dancing in the Arctic port town of Churchill, Manitoba... with a curious Polar Bear watching!

Different landmarks, different Taylor Swift songs... same reliable, Canada-wide network.

I rarely get excited about the idea of seeing more Canadian telecom ads...

... but this ad has me hoping Rogers is ready to take this idea and dance the night away.


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