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ADdicted: TruEarth's LaundroMan

Satirical, over-the-top ads intended to make you laugh (and then share) are nothing new.

Scrappy, upstart companies like Dollar Shave Club, Squatty Potty, and many more have used them successfully over the past decade to "punch above their weight" and get noticed by consumers... without having to spend millions of dollars on advertising like their established competitors.

It looks like Tru-Earth has been paying attention.

I showcased their first ad last year in an ADdicted feature, but they just released a follow-up that's worth a watch.

I didn't think I'd ever happily spend three full minutes of my life watching a laundry detergent commercial... but here we are!

By using humour, TruEarth manages to pack a LOT of features and benefits into a single spot... which, based on length, is more like six back-to-back traditional spots. That's the power of an entertaining ad.

LaundroMan makes you laugh (baby turtles?!) while giving you several, solid reasons to consider trying TruEarth the next time you need detergent.

And when you're a scrappy upstart, getting you to consider something new is entirely the point.

- dp

P.S. This ad only has 3,500 views as I write this... but it's only been on YouTube since yesterday. Their first ad, released in September 2020, has been seen over six million times.


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