text-talk with Linda Cronin, EVP and Managing Director, Initiative


* an interview conducted completed via text message... so please excuse all typos *

This week's text-talk comes to you live from the exciting Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, courtesy of my guest (and friend) Linda Cronin. Linda is the Executive Vice-President and Managing Director of Initiative, a full-service global media agency based out of New York.

A few hours after we finished out text-talk interview, Linda did send me a text -- with a video -- of something really cool: Samsung's "The Wall", essentially little TV-tiles that can be placed together (sans bezels!) to create a wall of multiple screens or a giant screen with up to 292-inch diagonal! The video she sent was a bit grainy and didn't do the technology justice, but I found this clip that C|Net posted on YouTube a few days ago... watch it and prepare to be uber-envious of the uber-rich folks who are currently the only ones able to afford this.

- dp