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ADdicted: The Estate of Mr. Peanut

I mentioned that advertisers have started to release their Superbowl ads, right?

Well, Planters released a pre-Superbowl Ad that actually kills it's 104-year-old mascot, Mr. Peanut! (Peanut fans may be comforted to know that he sacrificed himself to save actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh, and thus died a hero.) According to CNBC, the pre-released spot will be aired on television before the Super Bowl kickoff during the pregame show, with the brand promising to “broadcast Mr. Peanut’s funeral, so the world can mourn the loss of the beloved legume together" during the third quarter of the game.

Now, killing off your century-old mascot is certainly a bold move, but that isn't the win. The win goes to The Estate of Mr. Peanut on Twitter, and all the brands that subsequently jumped in to create some laugh-out-loud moments.

Here's a screenshot of the original post, and what is perhaps my two favourite brand responses (although there are many great ones)...

- dp


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