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ADdicted: "Why else..."

Our family has a beautiful golden Labrador Retriever named Khaleesi.

She's usually a good dog, but I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't occasionally thought of giving her away. Those moments happen whenever I'm forced to clean up large, olfactory-offensive messes she will sometimes create throughout the house while the family is sleeping after refusing to go outside and take care of her business before we all head to bed.

But even those thoughts are fleeting.

There are certainly legitimate reasons why people may have to give up their beloved pets: prolonged financial hardship, the development of an allergy, or the death of the dog's primary caregiver are three reasons that come to mind, but that's not an exhaustive list.

Short of Khaleesi hurting one of our children -- which is something she'd never, ever do based on her kind disposition -- I can't imagine a reason why we'd give up our dog.

And if you have a dog and feel the same way, you'll really appreciate Pedigree's latest campaign. Each of these ads might seem odd at first... but watch them both until the end.

When you love your dog, you can't imagine any reason why others wouldn't as well.

Great ads are driven by great insights.

These are two great ads.


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