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Netflix's Actual Anniversary

Netflix celebrated their 25th anniversary on social media yesterday by releasing this video.

What's unusual about Netflix celebrating their 25th anniversary yesterday?

I'd say it's the fact that Netflix's co-founder and first CEO, Marc Randolph, claims the company's actual milestone won't happen for another 7.5 months.

As per the screenshot below, Marc thinks the only significance of yesterday (August 29th) is that it might have been the day "Kibble Inc" was incorporated.*

He believes Netflix's ACTUAL 25th anniversary will happen on April 14th, 2023... which will be the 25-year anniversary of the day was first made available to the public.

If you had to choose one, which would you choose as the more important day to recognize and celebrate...

... the day your company is officially registered as a business or the day you open your doors to your customers?

Sorry, Netflix, but I'll wait until April 14th to celebrate your 25-year milestone.**

Because customers are what makes a business.


* The screenshot is from the "That Will Never Work" Discord group; it was started by Marc Randolf himself, and he's a very active participant in the group. If you're an entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur) who wants to learn from this impressive community, you can join us using this link:

Also, if you're wondering about "Kibble Inc"... that's what they called "Netflix" before they had an actual name for what was then the soon-to-be-launched DVD-by-mail service! (You know... they had to be willing to "eat their own dog food"...) I know this fun fact because it was shared in Randolf's amazing book, "That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea", of which I'm a big fan and would HIGHLY recommend you read! (FYI, as I write this, you can get a Kindle copy for only $4.99!)

** If you are wondering, I'll likely celebrate by binge-watching a few hours of Netflix and enjoying a delicious pint of Netflix and Chill'd. Which is basically what I do Saturday night. :)


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