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The Family Fitness Fun Challenge

On October 31st, I announced to my family that we would all be participating in what I cheekily called a "Family Fitness Fun Challenge" for the month of November.

Each of us has an activity we do at least once a week in an attempt to live a healthier life. My daughter Chloë and I both do CrossFit. My son Aidan does Ju-Jitsu. My daughter Charlotte does gymnastics. My wife spends at least 20 hours each week chasing after our hyper-active, surprisingly fast three-year old.

But doing something together was a new idea for us, so everybody was pretty enthusiastic about the challenge before it began. The fact that I bribed my children with the equivalent of $30 each if they successfully completed every day of the challenge probably helped too.

The details of the challenge were simple:

  • On November 1st, we would all do one burpee*, one push-up, one sit-up, and one squat.

  • On November 2nd, we would do two of each exercise.

  • On November 3rd... well, you get the idea.

This all seemed like a very fun idea on October 31st, before the challenge started. But yesterday was the 26th day of our "Family Fitness Fun Challenge", and we all stopped thinking it was fun sometime last week.

Fortunately, fun wasn't really the point.

I hate burpees with a passion. And a big part of the reason I hate them so much is because I'm really not good at doing them. Burpees are known to be one of the most physically taxing body-weight exercises you can do... and I carry around a lot of body weight. I'll often have to do burpees as part of my CrossFit classes, and I can usually only manage eight in a row before my heart-rate skyrockets and I start to feel light-headed.