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The Only Way to Get Better

You've probably heard of Wordle.*

But have you heard about WordleBot?**

WorldleBot allows players to analyze their guesses and learn how to make better choices for future games. It compares your guesses to the bot's picks and allows you to learn what you could have done differently to achieve the correct word in fewer guesses.

This is a screenshot of the WordleBot analysis from my game today... one of 14 screens the bot provides.

Why would anyone bother with something like WordleBot?

Because analyzing your results is the first step to getting better.

And that's true of everything, not just Wordle.

You can't begin to improve your health without first analyzing your activity, behaviours, and food intake.

You can't begin to improve your relationships without thinking about how you interact with others and understanding how people respond to you.

And you can't begin to improve your marketing without looking at the results of your campaign and figuring out what you could have done differently.

Wordle is just a silly game, and even if you play regularly, you might not have any desire to spend time improving your performance.

But if there is something you care about improving, you know where you need to begin.


* You haven't?! Well, it's a popular daily online game where players get six chances to guess a five-letter word. It was so popular, in fact, that The New York Times purchased the game from its creator, Josh Wardle, in early 2022 for an amount "in the low seven figures". You can give it a try here but be warned... it can be addictive!

** WordleBot can be accessed via the link above, or by going to your "Stats" button in Worlde and looking for this link towards the bottom of the screen.


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