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The Simple Case for Brand Marketing

The following blurb was found at the top of a job posting I came across a few weeks ago; only the name of the company has been redacted.

XXXXXXXXXXX helps brands thrive through innovative, people-inspired experiences and solutions. By embracing the powerful combination of technology and agility, we seamlessly integrate strategy, experience, design, development and analytics.

We create standout digital experiences by collaborating with brands to understand the individual challenges and goals for every initiative. Focusing on our clients’ customers, we effectively combine empathy, evidence and real-world insight so that solutions are derived from truth and meaning. XXXXXXXXXXX is an award-winning team dedicated to inspiring possibility.

Now, after reading this... can you tell me what this company actually does?

I can't.

Even with the benefit of knowing the company's name, I can't be certain as to their purpose based just on this description; this generic collection of buzzwords and platitudes could be used to describe any number of businesses selling any number of products and services.

That's a massive problem.

Sadly, the job posting wasn't for an exceptional brand marketer... because it looks like they could really use one.

Having a clear and differentiated brand is a force multiplier.

It can convince prospects and potential investors to open your emails, return your calls, and take your meetings.

It can put you in a stronger position when negotiating terms with partners.

It can be the reason top talent will consider working with your company.

All the "performance marketing" in the world won't help you if you can't first clearly articulate who you are, what you do, what problem you're able to solve for your customers, and why you're a better solution than any other available option.

And all of that is part of brand marketing.

Think about that the next time you're trying to tell your story.

Like in a job posting, for instance.


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