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Earlier this week, I suggested a video-call with a woman I know.

"We could just do a call (then I won’t have to actually brush my hair)", she wrote.

I thought she was joking, so I wrote, "Oh, c'mon... calls are so impersonal compared to video!"

"Fine, I'll put my hair in a bun."

But when I sent her a Google Meet invitation, she asked if we could use Zoom instead, because Zoom has... a wrinkle-filter.

I told my wife about this exchange, but she wasn't surprised.

"Of course," she exclaimed, "it's sad but true: when people see women who aren't made up, they think less of them. Even other women. People judge."

We talk a lot about diversity and how we should accept people for who they really are.

But we dress up and use filters for our video calls so people don't judge our natural appearance.

We can do better.

I don't love shaving, so I leave my face alone when I don't have anywhere to go.

My hair is longer than I usually keep it, and it's full of grey.

I have wrinkles around my eyes because I smile a lot.

That background is my antilibrary.

And if we're Zooming, you'll almost certainly hear my four kids.

I'm happy with who I am.

I hope you are too.

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- dp


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