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“There are only two industries that refer to their customers as 'users': illegal drugs and software." — Edward Tufte.

In 2017, as a challenge to myself, I decided to go a full 48 hours without using any technology.

No smartphone, no internet, no social media, no Kindle, no television... nothing.

It was absolutely awful.

I used to joke that I was addicted to technology, but the withdrawal symptoms I felt that weekend were no laughing matter.

It turns out I'm actually addicted to my technology. And apparently, I'm not alone.

If you've watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, you'll already know that the big technology giants intentionally design their platforms to keep us coming back for more. You'll also know that most people get addicted to those little "dings" and "red dots" on your smartphones and computers, because these notifications trigger the pleasure center of our brains the same way that they might be triggered by things like drugs, sugar, or sex.*

The question isn't whether we're addicted to social media, or to technology. Most of us are.

The question is what we may want (or need) to do about it.