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"A Mischievous Spark of Fun"

I recently came across a job description that read they wanted a candidate who had a great sense of humour, and added, "If you have a mischievous spark of fun, that's even better."

The job looked fairly interesting, and I thought my background lined up well with the requirements listed, so I decided to apply.

But when it came time to complete the "Cover Letter" text box, I just couldn't help myself.

Here's what I submitted:

Is there a chance my "mischievous spark of fun" will torpedo my shot at this role?


But if it does... I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

Because I really want to work with an organization that has a sense of humour.

And even more than that, I want to work with one that's honest about what it says it wants from candidates in its job descriptions.

Don't you?


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