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ADdicted: Canadian Super Bowl 2021 Edition

Last week, I spent several hours putting together my Super Bowl post. I thought about what made a great Super Bowl ad, put together a scorecard, watched every single advertisement that has been released ahead of the Big Game, selected (and scored) my favourites, and then documented why I liked each ad.

This review of the ads that ran in Canada (but not in the US) during the Super Bowl won't take me nearly as long... because there aren't that many Canadian ads worth talking about.

I knew this was going to happen, of course. US companies spend millions of dollars every year to develop spectacular, memorable ads for the Super Bowl... but Bell (owner of CTV, who purchases the right to air the Super Bowl in Canada) "strongly prefers" me to watch the ads that Canadian advertisers pay them to show to me instead. Bell's solution is "sim-sub", where they remove all the US ads