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ADdicted: CIBC's Almost-Inspiring Ad

"So, where do you see yourself in five years?"

Most bank ads are dull and product-focused.

Sometimes, they make an attempt at humour... but it usually doesn't work.

This almost inspirational ad from Canadian bank CIBC is a refreshing change of pace.

The ad is interesting; I found myself waiting for the next character to tell me where they'll be.

There isn't a single banking product mentioned, which I'd say is highly unusual for a bank ad. There aren't even that many CIBC logos featured in the ad and, almost remarkably, the ones that do appear don't feel forced.

I even cracked a smile at the very subtle attempt at a joke, when the woman stuck in traffic said, "NOT living in the city." Nicely done.

Of course, I'm not overly enthusiastic about visiting a CIBC branch if I'm going to have to meet with somebody with the same energy levels as the bank representative we see at the start of the ad...

... and the chances of getting a loan from a Canadian bank by responding to his question with any of the answers provided in the video (especially the last one) are very close to zero...

... but the subject of the oligopolistic Canadian banking system is a subject for another post.

This ad was well done.


P.S. I still hate CIBC's new logo which, as a friend pointed out when it was introduced, looks like an open, empty wallet. That isn't the best look for a bank logo, I'd say.


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