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Saving Time with Technology

A vendor partner sent me an invitation to join a webinar.

I had a conflict in my schedule and couldn't attend, but I was interested in the topic, so when I was sent a link after the webinar to watch a recording of the session, I clicked it.

That's when I learned the video recap was an hour long.

I was interested in the topic, but not THAT interested in the topic.

So I decided to use technology to save me some time.

I copied the URL at the top of my browser window and pasted it into a website that allows you to download videos from Vimeo. (Total time: 1 minute.)

Once I had a copy of the video on my desktop, I uploaded it to, which transcribed the video and provided me with a text file. (Total time: 30 seconds.)

Next, I opened Microsoft Co-Pilot from my Windows desktop and typed, "Can you summarize a file for me?" (Total time: 5 seconds.)

Co-Pilot responded, "Certainly! Here are some online tools that can help you summarize files" and provided me with five options.

I picked the first one (simply because it was the first), a tool called Any Summary, and clicked the link. (Total time: 5 seconds.)

I uploaded the text file generated for me into Any Summary, and Any Summary generated a succinct 141-word synopsis of the transcription. (Total time: 10 seconds... plus another 15 seconds to copy the text into Co-Pilot and ask for the word count.)

I read the succinct synopsis (Total Time: 10 seconds)...

... and determined I didn't need to spend an hour of my limited time watching the video.

The summary was more than sufficient.

And that's how I spent two minutes consuming the most important content from a video that would have otherwise taken me an hour to watch.

In a world where we have more content available than we can ever possibly hope to consume, it helps to develop systems to help you filter what's worth your valuable time.

Recommendations from trusted friends, colleagues, and family members are often ideal.

Recommendations from the internet can be useful... sometimes.

But when personal recommendations aren't available, technology can help save you time.

And it'll only take a couple of minutes.

(Sometimes, literally.)

An AI generated image of a robot consuming content.


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