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ADdicted: Lead from Behind

Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney just made a new video, and I love it.

Not just because it's funny. (Although it is.)

Not just because I love anything featuring Ryan Reynolds and/or Rob Mcelhenney. (Although it's true, I do, so far without exception.)

And not just because I love when celebrities use their status to encourage positive behaviour. (Although that's much better than using their platforms to encourage negative behaviour, don't you think?)

I love this video because colon cancer runs in my family, and preventing it via regular screenings is SUCH an easy thing to do...

... but we don't like to do it.

We don't even like to talk about getting screened because it's embarrassing and uncomfortable.

(I meant that"talking about it" is embarrassing and uncomfortable, although the same could certainly be said for the procedure itself.)

I know, because I had my first colonoscopy three years ago.

Overshare? Perhaps... but, again, we need to talk about this stuff.

At the time, the medical team told me it was a little early for me to get screened (I was 41), but because of my family history, they understood and applauded my desire to get it done.

Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Especially since I was awake for the entire procedure; I watched everything as it was happening on a video screen next to me.

Was it embarrassing? Well, yes. I mean, there was a room full of people watching a camera go... um, you know.

Was it worth it?

Without question. Because they found a polyp and removed it, and now it's a non-issue.

Wait, that's ANOTHER thing Ryan and I have in common! (Okay, fine... it's a short list.)

So I love this video because two very funny, reasonably influential men are using humour to show us that getting screened for colon cancer is no big deal... and that doing it might literally save your life.

We need to talk about this stuff.

And this is a really great way to start those conversations.

Da iawn, foneddigion, da iawn chi.*

* According to Google Translate, that's "Well done, gentlemen, well done" in Welsh.

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Funny I just had my done about a month ago also. However, they missed one major thing. You need to ask for the certificate to show your wife that they didn't find your head up there!


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