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text-talk with David Lesperance, Managing Director, Lesperance & Associates


* an interview conducted completed via text message... so please excuse all typos *

For this week's text-talk, I spoke with David Lesperance, Managing Director of Lesperance & Associates. David advises "high-net-worth" individuals and families on matters of citizenship and residency in order to protect, "their wealth and well-being." And with the world increasingly turning on the billionaire class, David is in high-demand...

And there you have it!

I hope this interview has provided you with a different perspective on the world, and that the next time you hear a politician speak about the need to significantly increase taxes on the wealthy, you stop and ask, "What might the wealthy do in response?"

Until next week.

- dp

PS> You may have noticed that this text-talk looks a little different than past editions; there's no need to be alarmed or adjust your screen. The reason it looks different is because it is! You see, I'd like to one day require the expert professional services of my friend Mr. Lesperance (who currently resides in Poland), and that dream would be further from reach if I had to pay my cell phone provider for all the international text messages required for this interview... so this text-talk interview actually happened over WhatsApp. :)


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