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The Reason for Training

My dog poops all over my backyard.

And it's my own fault.

We have an area set aside where we would like her to poop. It's sheltered from the elements. It has wood chips on the ground for easier cleanup. It's private. If I was a dog, I'd think it was a pretty nice area to do my business.

But my dog doesn't use this very nice area. She poops everywhere.

And again, it's my fault.

Because if I had taken the time to provide the proper training when my puppy first joined our family -- to reward my puppy when she pooped where I showed her and correct her behaviour when she didn't -- then she would have learned where to defecate and my weekly backyard clean-up chore would be much, much easier.

Instead, every Thursday as I complete my weekly treasure hunt to prepare for the green bin collection, I'm reminded of the same lesson.

If you don't invest enough time and effort in training, things are going to end up a mess and you'll have a lot of unexpected sh*t to deal with that was completely avoidable.

You can decide for yourself if this might be relevant to you and your company.

P.S. This is my dog, Khaleesi, shown with the pink unicorn stuffy she murdered not long after we gave it to her.


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