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The Better Way to take Meeting Notes

I really, REALLY don't like taking notes in meetings.

My handwriting looks like something a monkey might scribble on a wall...

... so when I review my notes after the meeting ends, I usually have no idea what I wrote down or why it was significant.

I type very quickly, so when I can, I type my notes into a Google Doc...

... but typing notes while participating on a video call isn't easy unless you're using multiple screens. And I'm not always taking meetings from my home.

But the biggest reason I don't like taking notes in meetings?

I want to actively engage in the meeting, not transcribe what's being said!

That's why Fathom has been such a great tool for me.

When I ask the Fathom AI Meeting Assistant to join my meetings (simply by clicking a button), my meeting is:

  • Recorded;

  • Transcribed;

  • Summarized with incredible accuracy;

  • Stored in the cloud, easily-accessible using a very intuitive dashboard.

Better yet, while I'm using Fathom, it warns me in real-time if I'm "monologuing" (i.e. talking to much versus the other meeting participants) or not participating enough!

The summary includes a list of questions asked in the meeting, hyperlinked to the video where the question was asked.

And the best part?

It's free!

Of course, you can buy the premium version which doesn't just provide chronological summaries of the meeting, but also:

  • Captures "Insights" and "Key Takeaways" from the call;

  • Takes notes using the MEDDPICC or SPICED sales methodologies;

  • Captures processes to Start, Stop, Continue

  • and more.

I've been using Fathom since the beginning of the year and I'm a fan: it's simply a better way to take meeting notes.

And if you want three months of the PREMIUM plan for free (with no catch and no credit-card required at sign-up), just use this link.

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