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A Friendly Reminder

"That Coinbase ad sucked!"

"That Coinbase ad was AMAZING!"

"WTF was with that Irish Spring ad?!?"

"Irish Spring is back, baby!!"

Here's a friendly reminder: it doesn't actually matter whether or not you liked any given Super Bowl ad.

Heck, not even the creatives can agree on this year's "best" ad, as this screenshot from Tuesday's CMO Today newsletter clearly shows.

What matters is if the commercial achieved its desired result with the brand's intended audience, as outlined in the brief.

To be clear, I'm NOT suggesting we shouldn't collectively like, dislike, or discuss this year's ads... we should, and it's fun to do!

(And if you missed it yesterday, here are my picks for the best and worst of this year's spots from the ones posted prior to the big game.)

I'm simply saying we need to remember that marketing's role is to drive sales, not win industry awards... and while the two certainly aren't mutually exclusive, the first objective is definitely more important than the second.


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