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Generating QR Codes

Here's a fun almost-hidden feature in your Chrome browser you may not have known about: you can instantly generate a QR code for any webpage.

Below is one that I created: pull out your smartphone, open your camera app, and act as though you're about to take a photo of the image: a website link should appear. Then you just need to click the link. Try it.*

If you have a website you'd like to share easily and want to create a QR code for yourself, here's all you have to do:

1. Type a website into your Chrome browser and hit "Enter".

2. Click on the address bar (i.e. the place where you just typed the URL) and the following three icons will appear:

3. That middle one, which I highlighted in yellow? Click it.

4. You're done! You now have a URL for your website that you can download and use however you like.

How should you use your new QR-making abilities? There are lots of different applications, but Neil Patel outlines a few uses for QR codes in this article.

How could Google make this feature even better? Let people choose what simple graphic they'd like to include in the middle of the QR code!

Don't get me wrong, the dinosaur is great. But for small businesses who could put a personal QR code to use in their marketing efforts, their logo would be even better.

* Obviously this won't work if you're reading this blog (or the newsletter that was generated from it) on your smartphone. But if you were on your computer, it would be magic.


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