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Going Grey

I read a news article that suggested Dove's "going grey" was a good marketing move but Wendy's doing so wasn't.

Dove going grey unquestionably makes sense; Dove has a longstanding association with supporting natural beauty.

But is Wendy's show of support an example of "bandwagon jumping"?

I don't think so.

Wendy (and her flaming red hair) has been the face of the burger chain bearing her name since it opened on November 15th, 1969.

Wendy Thomas, on whom the quick-service-restaurant chain's logo is based, was born in 1961... on September 14th this year, she'll turn 61 years old.

I don't know if any person (of any gender) has ever kept 100% of their natural hair colour for 60+ years... but I've never met anyone who has.

So if Wendy's (the burger chain) wants to go from red to grey on social media in support of Lisa LaFlamme, women, and equality, I'd argue the move is not only appropriate but also fits the irreverent, defiant tone of the brand as demonstrated by previous social media posts.

And also... maybe we don't overthink things and simply say, "nicely done"?


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