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Lessons from a Streaker

If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably noticed Yuri Andrade.

He was the man who ran across the football field during the fourth quarter of the game in a pink unitard.

Yuri was eventually apprehended and arrested. And it reportedly cost him $1,000 to get out of jail.

What would possess him to do something like this?

Money. And math.

According to sources, Yuri contacted a sports betting agency prior to the game and placed a $50,000 bet that a streaker would get on to the field. Security is normally very high at the Super Bowl, so this unlikely event had odds of +750, which meant that a $100 bet would pay $750 in winnings.

It also means that if you bet $50,000 (like Yuri did, on himself), you'd earn a $375,000 payout. Subtract the $1,000 fine, and you're still $374,000 ahead... an excellent return on your investment, wouldn't you say?

To be clear, I'm not suggesting you should literally follow Yuri's example, and not just because it's highly unlikely that the sports betting agency is going to honour Yuri's bet.

But metaphorically, the idea of betting on yourself and then finding a way to make that bet pay off is a lesson we can all learn from Yuri.

Make a bet on yourself.

You don't even need a pink unitard to get started.

- dp


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