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WeWork... from anywhere

“Those who are uberly engaged with the company want to go to the office two-thirds of the time, at least,"

-- Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of WeWork... a company that rents office space


First, biased much?

And second, your willingness to return to an office MIGHT correlate with low engagement...

... but it could also just as easily mean you prefer family time to commuting time, or that your home office is more conducive to think-time than your open-space office environment, or any number of other reasons!

One of the few good things to come out of this pandemic is that it's forced many companies to (sometimes reluctantly) realize that many knowledge-workers CAN work effectively "offsite".

Let's not be fooled by the head of a real estate company trying to boost his company's pre-IPO valuation by convincing us otherwise... especially when his approach is to slander those who may prefer more enlightened work arrangements.

* If you subscribe to The Wall Street Journal, the full article and video are available here.


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