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ADdicted: "You in?"

Tom Brady is widely considered the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, having won a record seven Super Bowl rings.

He's also very handsome, very rich, and married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

In short, it would be pretty easy to hate the guy, especially if you were a New England Patriots fan who felt betrayed when Brady left after playing with them for 20 seasons... and then immediately won ANOTHER Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That's what makes this FTX spot, starring Brady and Bündchen, so funny...

Even the people who hate Tom Brady are "in" when he invites them to join FTX with him because, apparently, FTX is just THAT good.

What's FTX?

Chances are good you had never heard of them before reading this post and seeing this ad.

But the ad does a nice job of driving mystery and intrigue for the first two-thirds of the commercial, then making us aware of the brand (and what it actually does) towards the very end. Most people probably wouldn't have been able to hold our attention for a full minute until the brand's big reveal.

Of course, most people aren't as influential as either Tom Brady or Gisele Bündchen.


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