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Three Words

I stopped making New Year's Resolutions for myself many years ago because, as many well-intentioned individuals will inevitably do, I'd usually falter a few days after January 1st, get discouraged, and give up.

But a former colleague once shared something she does every year which I've found much easier to maintain.

Instead of making "resolutions", at the beginning of each new year, she chooses three words that she uses to guide her actions. If she wanted to read more, one of her words might simply be, "read". If she wanted to have more adventures, "adventure" would suffice. You get the idea.

Wait! This goes against everything we've all learned about SMART goals! Of course it does. But that's the point; the three words she chooses aren't intended to be goals, they're intended to be broad themes... and it's tough to get discouraged and give up on broad themes.

For 2020, my three words are learn, give, and courage.

Writing and sharing my thoughts with you throughout the year will touch upon all three of these themes.

I hope you enjoy them.

- dp

PS> If you've already made your 2020 resolutions and are determined to keep them, you'll want to read this great article from CNN Health appropriately titled, "How to keep New Year's resolutions".


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