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Netflix and Nike

Netflix and... Nike?

Nike announced Nike Training Club (NTC) content would be available for Netflix members to stream at the end of December, just in time for our collective New Years' Resolutions.

According to the release, "Netflix members will have access to more than 90 NTC workouts that cater to all fitness levels, require minimal to no equipment, and span a broad range of workout types, lengths and intensities."

That sounds exactly like the content I currently get with my Peloton app subscription.

Given Nike's existing fitness credentials, I have no reason to believe their NTC content will be inferior in any way to the type of content Peloton makes available to subscribers.

And if that turns out to be true, this would be an incredible collaboration between Nike (who can build mental availability with 223 million Netflix subscribers) and Netflix (who gets specialized content that appeals to fitness enthusiasts)... and a world of hurt for Peloton.

After all, why would you pay $17/month for the Peloton app membership if you can get the same quality fitness instructional videos as part of your existing Netflix subscription?

It's your move, Peloton.


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