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Why I Teach

To hone their craft, comedians do stand-up at clubs. For me stand-up is class, where I hone the craft of speaking every Tuesday night for three hours in front of 170 kids — second-year MBAs. I’m much more focused, and put more effort into the class, than in front of any board or gathering of gold-circle commercial real estate brokers. I make much less, about $1K, per podium hour (note: this sounds like more than it is, as you spend several hours, for each podium hour, outside of class prepping or meeting with students).

I don't teach as often, or have as many students, or get paid nearly as much to do it as Professor Galloway.

But I do it for the same reason: teaching makes me better.

Standing in front of bright, eager, inquisitive students willing to challenge your ideas is fantastic practice for having to make persuasive presentations in any environment.

I've been teaching part-time on and off for almost 20 years, and it's made me a better speaker, a better thinker, and a better marketer.

If you're ever presented with the opportunity to teach, say yes.

Then work hard to deliver your absolute best.

The ROI is fantastic.


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