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A Brand Worth the Wait

My mother recently had some surgery on her foot... after waiting a year for her appointment.

If she had been willing to have her surgery performed by another doctor, she could have had it done much sooner.

But she chose to wait because a relative who used to work at a hospital advised her to have Dr. Sagar Desai complete her surgery... and Dr. Desai has a year-long waiting list.

"He's worth waiting for", she was assured.

And so my mother waited for Dr. Desai to be available.

It's not every day you'll hear someone compare a medical doctor to a brand, but in this case, the comparison is apt: "Dr. Desai" is a strong brand.

It's not easy to build a strong brand. Dr. Desai has built his brand through years of education and countless hours of experience. With every successful surgery he performs, his reputation gets stronger and trust in his ability to deliver on his brand promise grows.

When you succeed in building a strong brand, your fans are less willing to choose an alternative, even when doing so would be more convenient, less expensive, or both.

Is your brand worth the wait?

(And if it isn't, what are you going to do about that?)

A photo of Dr. Sagar Desai
Dr. Sagar Desai


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